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Philip Singleton is committed to serving Georgia in a responsible and transparent way that is unheard of in politics today. As a Soldier, he learned the value of honor and the power of integrity to achieve impossible missions in unforgiving environments. He brings that to every aspect of his political agenda. This is embodied in his campaign plan to Inform, Unite, and Achieve.

The age of unbiased media has passed, providing no check and balance to political rhetoric. Entertainment media and political polarization has created an environment where the public is only given partial truth and data is skewed to pit one ideological base against the other, often portraying the opponent as immoral, dishonest, or just downright un-American. Philip has vowed to address issues independently and with a fact based approach. He believes in the power of an informed voter to come to their own conclusion on an issue and decide who to vote for based on their personal prioritization of what issues they believe to be most important. This is the fundamental power of a democratic republic and a primary tenant of our union.

Once the voting public is armed with real, unfiltered, unbiased facts, true debate that leads to progress can be made. It is time for Georgia to lead the effort to unite with like-minded Americans from every demographic to find solutions to our problems. It's time to inspire a generation of responsible, constitutional, progress.

Most important, for far too long politicians have talked a big game and accomplished almost nothing. Americans are fed up with the unfaithful execution of their duties but have failed to hold politicians accountable. As a decorated warrior, Philip understands the difference between talk and action. For every political issue that he champions, he has a plan of action to make significant progress toward the desired objectives. Even more important, he is committed to keeping you informed on the progress, success or failure, towards achieving these goals. Philip will achieve results where so many have only talked about it, and he will demand the same of all those elected to serve.


*Neither the military information nor photographs imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or the Department of the Army

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