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“Very nice to meet you at Partners Pizza! Glad to know someone running for all the right reasons. The rebirth of statesmanship.”

— Allen Baldwin

As a law enforcement professional and the president of a state wide association I endorse Phillip Singleton for Congress. He has my vote!

— James "Jimmy" Callaway

Time for somebody that doesn't always follow House Speaker's orders. That would be Philip Singleton. A good common sense leader. — cliff fiveash

Philip Singleton is a true constitutionalist and the epitome of what a public servant should be! — Mathieu Goolsby

Met Phillip Singleton and his lovely family at tonight's Upson County Republican meeting. Very impressed with his platform, his desire to implement term limits, his determination to improve opportunities in Georgia. We need fresh ideas, new energy, and people who want to represent the voters and not just their own agendas. I am proud to be a member of the Republican Party in the great state of Georgia AND will be proud to support this candidate.

— Gloria Jacobsen

Sir, keep doing what you are doing, show others what right looks like, take care of those that need it, and the people of the 3rd District WILL vote Singleton. All the best!

— Captain Nicole Jordan

You got my vote. I'm in your district. Once a PATRIOT always a PATRIOT — Jeremy Martin

I am a 27 year resident of Peachtree City and a 33 year retired Air Force combat veteran. The last two Congressional Representatives have soundly ignored their conservative roots. Therefore, I sought out Phillip this week. We spent one and one-half hours of face to face Q and A. I am convinced he is the answer to my long quest for a true no strings attached, drain the swamp, candidate true Georgians should fully endorse. Please vote.

— Bob Patterson, MajGen USAF ret.

The West Georgia Republican Assembly that represents 12 counties in Georgia's 3rd Congressional District fully endorse Philip Singleton for our next Congressman.

— West Georgia Republican Assembly

The Coweta County Republican Women fully endorse candidate, and Veteran, Philip Singleton for Congress in Georgia's 3rd Congressional District 

— Coweta County Republican Women

I've known Philip for over 15 years, and served in the military with him. He is the best leader and man I know. — Robert Temple, MAJ, Special Forces, US ARMY

— GA Right To Life

Philip Singleton is an excellent candidate to bridge the gap between our parties in an extremely divisive era. I wholeheartedly support him for Congress. — David Trainor, J.D.

It is with extreme pleasure that Freedom Rights/ March for our Rights announces it's official endorsement of 
Phil Singleton, candidate for The United States House of Representatives representing the 3rd Congressional District in Georgia. 

Due to his firm stance on the Constitution and his alignment with the goals and ideals of this organization
and the free citizens of The United States,  we believe he is the best candidate for the job. 

Together we are making a difference and our freedoms will be kept intact. It is of extreme importance that we never become complacent and continue to support those that work to secure our freedom. 

Please help us to spread the word,  share and promote him wherever you can and by all means 
Vote for him on May 22 2018

Thank you
Bryan Turner 

Co-founder Freedom Rights/ March For Our Rights

— Freedom Rights / March for our Rights

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